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Club Rules


Last amended 28th August 2018

1 The shoot is a privately run organization and shall be called ‘The Barwick-In-Elmet Clay Shoot’

2 The subscription fees and renewal date will be posted for all members and prospective members to see, or shall be mailed to all members.

3 The subscription fee will automatically include membership of the BASC and may be amended from time to time as costs dictate.

4 It is the responsibility of all members to ensure continued subscription at renewal time, so as to benefit from any membership schemes, discounts and/or competitions. Any renewal subscriptions must arrive with us by 31st December to qualify for continued membership. Failure to ensure continued membership will incur an additional administration fee.

5 All members and prospective members shall be responsible for all costs incurred in the event of cheques being returned unpaid for whatever reason.

6 Membership fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.

7 All full members shall hold a current valid shotgun certificate.

8 Provisional membership is available to those who are receiving training with a view to becoming certificate holders.

9 Official or occasional guests of members or organizers may be allowed to shoot, providing the individual’s details are recorded on a visitor registration form prior to shooting. (Unrecorded guests are not covered under the terms of the insurance)

10 No person shall be allowed to shoot who is, or is suspected of being under the influence of drink or drugs.

11 Under no circumstances shall any member or guest pass forward of the marked off shooting line or pass onto any adjoining land.

12 All guns must be kept in gun slips, or carried in such a manner, that clearly shows the gun to be unloaded, except when actually on a shooting stand and ready to shoot.

13 Shooting shall only take place from the safety cages provided.

14 No person shall shoot at anything other than the provided artificial targets.

15 Non certificate holding guests shall be supervised whilst shooting by a shoot official or by an experienced certificate holder, who should seek approval from an official prior to shooting.

16 Membership of the clay shoot does not express or imply any beneficial rights.

17 In the event of competition or trophy shoots, all members and guests may shoot. However in the interest of fairness to regular participants, prizes will only be awarded to persons who have been members for at least 6 shoots prior to the event and have handed in a minimum of 6 scorecards. (There may occasionally be open competitions where all comers will be included)

18 It is the object of the shoot to promote and protect the sport of shooting. Members shall at all times do everything possible to further the aims of and positively promote the shoot and the BASC, also to actively encourage new members.

19 Every member or guest is responsible for ensuring their own safety and that of others on and off the shooting ground.

20 It is the responsibility of every member to report any contravention of the rules to the organizers, particularly where safety may be compromised.

21 It is the responsibility of every member to ensure they are aware of the current rules, copies will be made available on request.

22 The organizers reserve the right to refuse membership or to remove from its list of members any person whose conduct (whether by act or omission) is deemed to be contrary to the best interests of the shoot or to bring the shoot or the sport of shooting into disrepute.

23 Due to the land being of shared tenancy, with animals and fowl in close proximity, no dogs are allowed at the shoot.

24 The shoot is strictly fibre/felt wad cartridge only.

25 The organizers accept no responsibility either expressed or implied for any damage to vehicles or personal property however caused. Vehicles are brought onto the property and parked entirely at owner’s risk.

26 The organizers reserve the right to amend the draft rules without prior notice. All amendments shall automatically supersede all previously issued draft rules.

27 The organizers decision on all aspects of the shoot shall be final.

Please note:-

Membership of Barwick Clay Shoot requires the reading and acceptance of the club rules. All successful applications implicitly agree acceptance of these rules when signing the application form.



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