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COVID-19 Statement

Update 19/07/21

As you will be aware, the government has decided to allow a free-for-all and placed all responsibility on us. This in turn has created a minefield as to who exactly is responsible for what? It also means that we are now obliged to consider what rules to apply and any implications for health and safety. With this in mind we have carried out a simple survey of visitors to the shoot.

We asked for your preference with a choice of; keep the one way system, some relaxation or an open field. The response to this choice was; 15% in favor of an open field. 23% in favor of some relaxation and 62% in favor of keeping the one way system.

On this basis we are going to keep the one way system for now, we are happy to look at this again in the future and act on the preference at the time.

So, what is the next step?

We have to consider the fact that infection rates are rising rapidly and that the pandemic is far from over. However, it would appear at the moment hospitalisations and deaths are increasing at a much slower rate. We must also consider that our decisions impact on our staff and those wishing to take part.

Following a staff meeting; we have concluded that a staged reopening to all is probably the best idea. This will allow  us monitor how things develop and make changes as necessary. It also helps with the smooth running of the shoot and hopefully makes things better for all concerned.

The First Stage

As from Sunday 1st August, we will be open to all members of the shoot. We will also be open to official guests of club members, (members who are sufficiently experienced to escort their guests around the shoot).

We will also be open to non-members who possess a shotgun certificate. Non-members must be insured, either individually or by completing one of our registration forms, in exactly the same way as we have been doing since reopening. We still need to see non-member shotgun certificates and proof of personal insurance or registration form, which is available via this link Guest Registration or can be obtained at the shoot. Please complete one form per person per round and hand it in at the desk when buying your entry.

Second Stage

As from Sunday 12th September we will be able to accommodate those who have a pre-paid gift certificate. This will be done by appointment only, so we would ask those wishing to use their vouchers to contact us for availability as numbers will be restricted.

Third Stage

As from Sunday 10th October we will be accepting new Have-a-Go guests. Again these will be limited and offered by appointment only. We will not be able to accommodate walk-ins without pre-booking.

We cannot allow non-members to bring guests and take them around the shoot unless they have a valid instructors qualification and instructors liability insurance. Guests of non-members should book a slot on the Have-a-Go scheme if they wish to shoot.

There is obviously one caveat with these proposals in that Boris may have different ideas! We will cross that bridge at the time.

You should not bring any dogs onto the shooting ground unless you are prepared to leave them in your vehicle throughout your visit.

Hand sanitisers will be provided and we recommend it is used by all before approaching the desk (better safe than sorry).

As before, only shoot staff will be allowed inside the building for the time being.

We will continue using the two-queue system, one for refreshments and one for entry and cartridge purchases. Would all visitors please be mindful of keeping these areas clear once you have purchased your requirements.

We also have a small range of cleaning/maintenance items for sale.

Whilst the 2 metre rule has now ended, we would ask that you all respect the personal space of others. Not everyone is comfortable with close proximity.


Lets all stay safe



  • We are open and following our fixture list
  • Please see stament on COVID-19 below for further information