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Special Note:-

We are currently unable to accept new membership applications.

This is a temporary measure to help us concentrate on reopening the shoot.

Please check back soon, we will open membership just as soon as things settle down.



What does membership have to offer?

Membership of the Barwick Clay Shoot has a number of benefits. These include automatic membership of BASC with all their benefits of individual membership, including third party liability insurance. (See BASC website for full details.)

In addition, members also benefit from a discount on entries, currently £3.00 per 50 targets.

Members may also be entitled to entry into competitions/prize draws etc, which may be held from time to time, subject to certain criteria at that time.

All prospective members must have visited the shoot on at least three separate occasions prior to application. Non-certificate holders will be required to complete basic training and assessment prior to application for membership.

Membership runs from January to the end of December each year. However we do offer pro rata membership for those joining throughout the year.

(Complete and print a Club Membership Application Form)


Membership Prices 2019/20

         FULL MEMBER      JUNIOR UNDER  21
ANNUAL £78.00 £83.00 £31.00 £36.00
JANUARY £83.00 £83.00 £36.00 £36.00
FEBRUARY £83.00 £78.00 £36.00 £34.00
MARCH £83.00 £72.00 £36.00 £32.00
APRIL £66.00 £29.00
MAY £60.00 £27.00
JUNE £54.00 £24.00
JULY £48.00 £22.00
AUGUST £42.00 £20.00
SEPTEMBER £36.00 £17.00
OCTOBER £30.00 £15.00
NOVEMBER £24.00 £12.00
DECEMBER £18.00 £10.00

Complete and print a Club Membership Application Form

  • We are open and following our fixture list
  • Please see stament on COVID-19 below for further information