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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


We don’t store your data, period!


We physically can’t, we have nowhere to store it. We don’t even have a server database to store it on.

So even if someone asked very nicely, or someone not so nice tried snooping around, we wouldn’t have anything to show them, or be seen.

We have no data tracking facilities or any method of logging hits on the site. We do not harvest any information whatsoever from our website.

The information you enter onto our online Membership Application Form and/or Firearms in Transit Form is not seen by us. The forms are real time documents that can be completed online and then must be printed or saved to your computer. Once you leave the site the information is lost and must be re-entered. The forms can be downloaded blank and saved to your computer for completion later, In either case there is no link to our website.


  • Non-members with certificates welcome
  • We are open and following our published fixture list
  • Shooting open 10.00 - 13.00. Entry opens 09.45 and closes at 12.30
  • Want to try clay shooting? See our Have-a-Go page
  • 2 Man Flush 31st July - see page below for details